Over a period of 45 years we have investigated several thousand mishaps and testified over 400 times in deposition and over 100 times in various courts with no successful adverse Dauber challenges. Hal Watson, Jr. Ph.D., P.E. is a retired university engineering professor emeritus after 35 years of teaching and research during which he has been an active, licensed, consulting mechanical engineer and still is. Hal Watson, Jr. Ph.D., P.E is a Certified (ACTAR) traffic accident reconstructionist, 2001-2006.

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  • Consulting
  • Investigation and reconstruction
  • Mechanical testing
  • Electrical testing
  • Lighting testing
  • Reports
  • Site and equipment inspections
  • Preparation of alternative mechanical designs
  • Product development
  • Preparing courtroom models
  • Preparing questions for cross examination of experts

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