Puzzle-Bausteine Spielzeug Der Kinder Kreativer Pädagogisches des Spaßes Alphabetpark Spielzeug utbwob1977-Klassische Puzzles

RCTecnic Intelligenter Roboter, ferngesteuert durch Gestos und Uhr

Real FX RFX-1007 - Fernbedienung
Reaper Miniatures 1417 - 2006 Christmas Sophie 54 mm (unbemalt)

„Visualise the moment in which you reach the end of your path!“ Once or twice per year, Irina and Valentin from Yoga-Team Berlin organise a magical ritual in and around an old granary on Rügen. During the so-called “Feuerlauf” (fire walk), the roundabout twenty participants spend 10 hours with intense preparation of meditation, energy work, body work and reflection before they walk barefoot across a ten-metre-long path of the glowing, no burning, 900 degree hot embers from a pile of wood burnt down during the day. Without this intense preparation, even experienced fire walkers suffer severe burns. But if the participants, one by one, start the path with their mantra and walk towards their personal goal step by step at the end of the fire, no one is hurt. The heat wave shoots through the body and catapults toxins and negative thoughts out. Each and every one arrives at the other side unharmed. And afterwards, everything is different. Because if you can do that, if you can defy the boundaries of nature with you own, weak and totally normal body, then anything is possible! Just like bald monks can split rocks with their foreheads and seem to defy the laws of gravity, firewalking shows us what can be done with the power of our minds when we manage to concentrate entirely on one goal. It’s difficult to explain. And easier to experience for yourself. Dates and information can be found at Schaubek Album Irland 2002-2009 Brillant im geprägten Leinen-Schraubbinder blau, Band III, ohne Schutzkassette A-854/03B. It will change your life. So, we’ll see you on the other side. Liebekannalles #Dubistperfekt

Feuerlauf on Rügen | Yoga Team Berlin  | yogateamberlin.de | Photo: Yoga-Team Berlin

Reaper Miniatures 3318 - Dunkle Legenden: Dellenin, DE-Schwertmeister (unbemalt)


The Crowd On The Train

Reborn Baby Doll Weihnachten 22inch Handgemachte Baby Puppen Weiche Silikon Vinyl Wiedergeborene Baby Puppen, TIREOW die Reales Neugeborenes Baby Spielzeug Geschenk
Reborn Puppe Schöne Baby Silikon Geschenk Frühe Bildung Neugeborene Babys Vorschulkind Geschenk Spielzeug als Kinder Playmates Geburtstagsgeschenk , C
ROT Bull Racing No. 2 M.Webber Formel 1 Showcar 2012


ROT Pimp Costume Adult Large

Slowly, slowly, the big city creeps out of sight. The frequency of the passing stations gets less, the grey slowly turns into a muffled green. A train ride as such is already a decelerating experience. Locomore is taking conscious and slow travelling one step further. Since December, the bright orange train compiled of upcycled 1980s train wagons is operating on green electricity between Stuttgart and Berlin and is bringing Berliners by choice home safely for the Holidays. While the ICE advertises speed, electric sockets at your seat and permanent wifi, Locomore attracts with fair and organic food, Neumarkter Lammsbräu beer and theme compartments in which you can travel with like-minded companions. With the business ticket you get more space for working, a comfortable cushion, newspapers as well as snacks and drinks. Managing Director Derek Ladewig already founded Locomore in 2007 with the goal of getting an alternative to the Deutsche Bahn on the tracks. It’s a little David-Goliath-story. But a romantic one. 1300 people invested 600,000 Euros via crowdfunding because they believed in the small, bright orange contender. The ticket prices are fair and cheaper than comparable offers by DB. For three months, the 500 seats have to be half-full in order to enable the expansion to Rügen, Munich and Cologne. A railwayman-Christmas-fairy tale, of which we someday hope to be able to say: and they railroaded happily ever after.
Locomore | Berlin – Stuttgart – Berlin | | Q-Brain 4 x 25A Quadrocopter Drohne ESC Motor Regler ähnlich SimonK, afro 2-4S 3A SBEC - 4 Regler in Einem Modellbau Eibl | Invest

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ROTcat Racing BS903–016 Kugellager (10 x 15 x 4 mm), 2-teilig

Failure Is An Option

ROTcat Racing TE017E1 Sh.21 Crank Shaft

The first contract, the first client, the first million. Talk about success? Anyone can do that. But about mistakes? Admitting that you trusted the wrong person, bet too much money on the wrong horse, looked the other way for too long? Difficult. For almost eight years, the business magazine impulse has been asking successful entrepreneurs about their “biggest mistakes”. The long-time column about economic failure reaches its climax now with a collection of honest confessions. 91 stories of entrepreneurial errors have been bound on 244 pages, between two linen covers and flanked by personal black-and-white portraits: failure can be so beautiful. And so Manfred Maus, co-founder of the OBI markets, tells us about when he looked away as bribe money was flowing through his company. Or the former chairman of the board of Hannover Finanz recounts relying on overzealous managers. Architect Meinhard von Gerkan trusted shady clients. No path is a straight line, not even those that seem successful. An intimate, direct and informative book that makes the life experience of big names tangible to us. And because we, too, want to celebrate blunders, we’re giving away a copy of „Mein größter Fehler“ to the particularly stumble-prone amongst you. Send us an email headlining “TRIAL AND ERROR“ to Rokuhan 97713 - Kiha 52-100, Elektro Triebzug, JNR Standard Farbe.
Mein größte Fehler | 59,90 € | Schaubek Album Indonesien 1995-2004 Standard im geprägten Leinen-Schraubbinder blau, Band III, ohne Schutzkassette A-905/03N


ROTstrong Brotherhobby Avenger 2812 1115KV 5-6S Brushless Motor for RC Quadcopter

Jürgen Schepers

ROTstrong Mini RC Drone Quadrocopter 1080P Wide Angle WiFi FPV HD Camera Set UAV


ROTyiger Warme Mützen für Frauen, Baumwolle Frauen Männer Breiter Krempe Eimer Hut Outdoor Angeln Breiter Krempe Hut UV Schutzkappe Männer Wandern Sonnenhüte

When The Sky Comes Up At Night

Reeses Milk Chocolate Johnny Lightning Racing Dreams Candy Series by Racing Dreams/Johnny Lightning
REGAL ZCJB Bücherregal-Speicher-Bücherregal-Schrank Baute Bücherregal-Organisator-großes Boden-Bücherregal Für Wohnzimmer Zusammen (Farbe : Gelb)


„Things stay with me until they have been all looked-up” says Hamburgs iconic advertising photographer Ivo von Renner. He has spent almost his whole life taking pictures, for all the greats, but shows no signs of growing tired of them. Because looking means sensing, remembering, collecting impressions and feelings. Luckily, his family shares the artist’s passion for collecting. From all his travels – which were pretty many in three decades – Renner wrote personal lines on innumerable postcards to his wife and, later on, his sons. This colourful, collaged mail packed with intimate and sometimes secret messages (his beloved didn’t even comprehend the implied proposal on one of them until she had a second look) was kept and treasured by the recipients. And now the sender himself has put them together in a personal book that takes us on a journey around the world that makes us yearn for wide open spaces and undiscovered places. And brings us really close to the photographer, traveller and friend Ivo von Renner. In over 200 post cards, the seemingly insurmountable distance between home and wanderlust becomes smaller. And the pictures, at the same time, document the world and Renner himself. “Dearest Cecil”, he writes, “Mami says you want a picture of Papi. Well alright, here it is! Love, Papi”. We’re giving away a copy of „Aus der Entfernung zu euch“ hot off the press to the most yearning amongst you. Send us an email titled “DEAR MUM AND DAD, THE WEATHER IS GOOD, I’M FINE” to hurra@muxmaeuschenwild.de.
Ivo Renner: Aus der Entfernung zu euch | Distanz Verlag | 34,90 €

Regale & Ablagen Weinregal Weinschrank Housewarming Geschenke Harz Deer Form 30.5 10 22 cm (Farbe : grau)

Love Over Fear

On Monday evening, we were sitting together at our MMW Christmas party, looking back on the past year and thinking about which things we wanted to tackle next year and how to go about it, when – push message by push message – news about the events at Breitscheidplatz reached us. We stopped in our tracks, contacted our family and friends, spoke about our feelings. We didn’t break off our Christmas party, we kept going. Different than before. Calmer, humbler. „What is your personal goal for the year 2017?“ was the question a projector beamed onto the wall. Everyone kept their answer to themselves. Together, we want to contribute to supporting love, understanding, responsibility and constructive cooperation, to eliminating borders in our minds and to making humanity move closer together again. We are sad and our thoughts are with all victims of violence and terror everywhere. At Christmas, we celebrate love – to our dearest but also to our neighbours. We wish for the strength, for you and for ourselves, to resist anger and rejection and to hold on to love. #loveoverfear


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Relaxkissen Baumwolle blau 140/180 cm
Renault 40 CV, RHD, Modellauto, Fertigmodell, Rio 1:43

Party Makes Sense


REP069 Brimont BB8 SE Kipper, 1:32 Replicagri

Berlin is lively, colourful, crazy. Berlin parties, Berlin laughs, Berlin dances. Even now, especially now. Not to face reality with the bass-line of ignorance, not to suppress or to desperately demonstrate. Just for our own good and sometimes, for the good of others. Our friends from the Prince Charles are giving a party that perfectly combines zest and sense: refuge. Danceable electronic club sounds – by Avalon Emerson, Matrixxman and San Soda, amongst others – are going to bring Bechstein’s former staff swimming pool to the boil. And give, by the by, refuge. Because all of the money spent by the party crowd that evening goes straight to those who invest it best. Without any deductions whatsoever, the dosh goes to the Berliner Obdachlosenhilfe for the benefit of the homeless, the social relief organisation and the internationally operating SHADOWLORD by Board Games - Science Fiction & Fantasy Parker. As we know from our charity concert within the framework of the Haitian Heroes photo exhibition, the Prince Charles has always been a good place to give beneficence a colourful face. Because conscious partying is more than just a catch phrase. We wish you a meaningful advent!
refuge | 21.12.2016 | Prince Charles, Prinzenstrasse 85F, 10969 Berlin  | Facebook

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Extra Me-Time

Revell 00452 - Technik Modellbausatz Flugzeug 1:32 - Junkers JU88 A-4 mit Elektronik für Tolle Effekte im Maßstab 1:32, Level 5, Originalgetreue Nachbildung mit Vielen Details -
Revell 08443 - MGA Roadster Rechts-Lenker - Maßstab 1:18

If you follow the moon cycle, the year only counts 354 days. The remaining days are outside of time. They are the 12 Days of Christmas, a phase in which all is possible, the laws of nature don’t apply and the gateways to other worlds are opened. Says mythology, at least. We can make use of these old beliefs. From December 24th to January 5th, we can step into other worlds and into ourselves. Understand the time around the turn of the year as a time to pause, to have a look back and a look ahead. Bele Irle accompanies people in change processes and has drawn up a modern tool for contemplation from her own experience and traditional customs: her ebook takes us through the 12 Days, giving us impulses for thought, for exchange, for pausing. Topics like time quality, values and wishes, valediction and new beginning are wrapped into questions. Each person can engage in these questions in his or her own way. Take notes, draw directions, put together the new year from them. Because these nights might not be as mythological as they sound. They are a chance to, very gently, fall out of time for a moment. We’re giving away three eBook packages to the particularly moved amongst you. Send us an email headlining ‚DAY AND NIGHT ‘ to hurra@muxmaeuschenwild.de.
Rauhnächte | Dezember 24th to January 5th | 25 €| Registration |



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Table Talk

Revell Control RC GPS Quadrocopter mit FPV Full HD-Kamera, ferngesteuert mit GHz Fernsteuerung mit Display für Live-Stream & Telemetrie, bis zu 20 Min Flugzeit, Follow-me, Coming-home, NAVIGATOR 23899



So this is how Christmas is done right, isn’t it: You sit down at a big table with your nearest and dearest, feast without limits, drink too much, discuss and waffle on, hug each other, forgive each other one or two things that happened in the past year. Cheeks are aglow, the next course is served, the napkins are stained, the floor is covered in wrapping paper. When the last candle has burnt down, the hearts are still on fire. If you look at it that way, everyday is Christmas at Studio Olafur Eliasson. Up to 90 people sit down to eat lunch together daily at the Icelandic artist’s long table. And now, we can all be part of it. The favourite 100 vegetarian recipes have been put together in one fantastic book. On the one hand, this book makes you want to organise a gigantic room with a looooooong table for yourself and invite all your friends (the recipes are adaptable for groups of up to 60). On the other hand, this creation inspires all kinds of thoughts revolving around eating and cooking. Because ‚The Kitchen‘ is more than a cookbook. It tells the story of the studio and presents people who are passionate about culinary arts. It confronts with ideas about working and eating and shows how closely these two aspect are tied together. You can’t study on a full stomach? Fiddlesticks. The best ideas are born when we sit down to eat together!
Studio Olafur Eliasson The Kitchen | 39,95 € |  |  |

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Revell Monogram 1:25 - 40 Ford Coupe - RVM4993
Revolution 520mm FBL 3D Carbon Hauptrotorblatt
Rhythm Band Mini Pan Steel Drum
Rio RI4264P Mercedes 300 1963 Kennedy-ADENAUER 1:43 MODELLINO DIE CAST Model
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