Easy and simple fee details.
Fee Schedule

For attorney consultation:

$345.00/hour after initial phone calls and retention. No charges until retained. All work on most cases charged against retainers received in advance of work. Minimum retainer of 8 hours ($2,760.00) per case. However, initial retainer depends on the amount of time needed initially in case, so could be more, especially if travel is involved.

For document review:

$345/hour. Averages about $3.45/page for depositions (100 pp/hr).

To provide deposition testimony:

$345/hour with 8 hour minimum plus travel expenses. Includes standby time. Preparation time (file review) is extra.

To provide testimony at trial:

$345/hour with 8 hour minimum and includes travel time and standby time. Preparation time is extra.

Other fees:

Travel expenses at cost; auto mileage@ $1.00/mile. Engineering Assistant time for actual work on case or file or field work @ $80/hr. Case file set up fee, archive fees and fees per image and/or print for photography both digital and film; archive fees and copy fees for video. Overnight postage fees at cost. Other expenses at cost. No charges for small items (paper clips etc.) or long distance calls.